GE2015 Scotland Jimageddon Bingo

The #Jimageddon is Nigh

Ghosts of 2010
Full Edition
Nonentities of 2015
Full Edition
Limited Edition
Who & where
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Caring for the wounded Who are these people? Every one’s a liar baby Photos & Places
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How to play #Jimageddon.

  1. Download one of the editions containing up to 99 pages of 24 randomly chosen Scottish MPs:
    • Ghosts of elections past edition with the Labour, LibDem & Tory MPs elected in 2010
    • Nobodies & nonentities edition with all the Labour, LibDem & Tory candidates in 2015
    • Jimageddon Special Edition with a Murphy on every page
  2. Print out & distribute in time for the wee hours of 2015-05-08 or as we like to call it #Jimageddon.
  3. Cross out the photos as they are replaced by people who actually believe in Scotland.
  4. First person to get a full page wins (whatever YOU decide)
  5. Please consider donating to your local food bank and if you send us a photo of you donating we might make your own personalised post-GE2015 edition.
  6. Join us for the fun & let us know what you think on Twitter:

We 3 Murphytears: Capt Jim T Scotland @JimForJim, Le Morphinator @morphyjim , Lord Murphy of Barrs @jummurphy & D’ArtanYin @OscarTaime

With special thanks to:

The Sultans of Spin aka The Piranha Brothers: @Tucker5Law & @JamieHolePunch

Respect to: Stu @WingsScotland, Paul @WeeGingerDug, Michael @mgreenwell, @ChrisDarroch2, @ComediansForYes , … anyone else who tweets with #Jimageddon